crewel embroidery kits

Crewel Embroidery Kits

Crewel Embroidery, also known as Jacobean Embroidery or Crewel Work, uses crewel wools on a linen twill background. Embroidery designs are based on the tree of life, typical images found in Jacobean designs are trees with ornate leafs, flowers and exotic birds. On the ground beneath the trees are hillocks, rabbits, deer and snails. The elements within a design are out of proportion, which add to the charm of the design.

Our Crewel Embroidery designers are listed below. To see their crewel embroidery kits and to enter our secure online shop please click on the designer's name.

Coleshill Collection
Coleshill's crewel embroidery kits range from small simple 5"x7" designs of single flowers to more intricate designs as shown in this cushion. The range includes pictures, pillows and a bell pull. The Coleshill Collection also have needlepoint, cross-stitch and stumpwork kits.

The Crewel Work Company - Phillipa Turnbull
One of the few designers that specializes solely in crewel embroidery. Phillipa's exquisite designs include firescreens, bell pulls, stools and pillows. The designs themselves include intricate floral designs, smaller simpler floral designs and a number of animals and birds. All the designs are available as kits, but for the larger designs you can just buy the printed linen twill.
The Mary Jane Collection
Mary Jane's collection of crewel embroidery kits includes a range of 8 delightful Jacobean tiles, several pillows/cushions and bell pulls. The Mary Jane Collection also have goldwork, blackwork and cross-stitch kits
Sarah May
Sarah Mays range of crewel embroidery kits range from small 5.5"x4.5" designs to pillows and firescreens. Sarah May's collection also has blackwork and cross-stitch.

We also sell blackwork, cross-stitch, embroidery, goldwork, needlepoint/tapestry, samplers, Appleton wool and Paterna wool.






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