needlepoint kits

Needlepoint Kits and Canvases

Printed Needlepoint Canvases

Anette Eriksson

Anette Eriksson - printed and charted kits and canvases.
Contemporary, yet classical designs inspired by flowers, fruit and the seaside.

Animal Fayre Animal Fayre - printed and charted kits and canvases.
Richly coloured designs inspired by medieval and eastern art.
Arch Needlepoint Arch Needlepoint - printed and charted kits.
Designs inspired by historical buildings, manuscripts and decorations.
Bold Sheep Bold Sheep - printed and charted kits.
Charming contemporary designs of suitable for children and the young at heart
Bothy Threads Bothy Threads - printed kits
Designs based on the paintings by LS Lowry.
Carol Yates Carol Yates - charted canvas embroidery kits (i.e mixed stitches)
Designs that use different stitches to add texture and interest.
Coleshill Collection

Coleshill Collection - printed and charted needlepoint kits and printed canvas embroidery.
Animal and floral designs for pillows and smaller designs ideal for someone new to stitching.

Dundonald Designs Dundonald Designs - charted needlepoint kits
Designs based on Mary Queen of Scots needlepoint and Scottish cities.
Fei Collection Fei Collection - printed and charted kits.
Animal and Egyptian designs, as well as designs for the nursery.
Fine Cell Work Fine Cell Work - printed and charted kits.
Designs inspired by historical textiles and ceramics including several based on William de Morgan designs.
Firefly Designs

Fire Fly Designs - charted kits
A collection based on a number of countries including Guatemala, Australia and Egypt.

Isobel Hunt

Isobel Hunt - printed kits
Isobel's designs include an exquisite range of animal pillows.

Jill Gordon

Jill Gordon - charted kits
Breathtaking designs that give the impression they have been painted.

Millennia Designs Millennia Designs - printed and charted kits
Designs inspired by the past - from ancient Egypt, Medieval to the Arts and Crafts movement.
Moot House

Moot House - printed and charted kits
Classical bird designs, contemporary safari animals and abstract art

Nini Fuller

Nini Fuller - charted mixed stitch kits (i.e. canvas embroidery)
A wide range of designs that use different stitches to add texture and interest.

One Off

One Off - Printed kits
Charming designs reminiscent of countryside art.

Primavera Primavera - printed kits and canvases
A mix of floral and Shaker inspired designs.
Susan Lethbridge Susan Lethbridge - printed kits
Classical designs inspired by 18th and 19th century England and a large number of animal designs, perfect for children.

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