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Appleton and Paterna Wool

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Appleton Wool
Appleton Wool

50p a skein and £1.70 a hank (plus VAT)

Appleton wools has been made in England for over 150 years by Appleton Bros. Ltd. Their wools were used by the famous 19th century textile designer William Morris. Appleton's have 421 colours, all of which are available in tapestry wool (4 ply) and crewel wool (2 ply).. Each hank of tapestry wool is approximately 60 yards and weighs approximately 25 grams. There are 6 skeins to a hank.

Appleton Shade Card (suitable for crewel and tapestry wool)

Appleton Crewel Wool - Hanks

Appleton Crewel Wool - Skeins

Appleton Tapestry Wool - Hanks

Appleton Tapestry Wool - Skeins

Paterna Yarn
72p a skein and £9.15 a hank (plus VAT)

Paterna Persian Yarn (also called Paternayan) is a loosely twisted stranded yarn made from 100% wool. A skein is appoximately 8 yards. There are 20 skeins to a hank. There are 426 shades.

Paterna Shade Card

Paterna Yarn - Hanks

Paterna Yarn - Skeins

Anchor Tapestry Wool
51p a skein (plus VAT)

Anchor Tapestry wool, also known as Anchor Tapisserie wool comes in 10m skeins. There are 475 shades.

Anchor Tapestry Shade Card

Anchor Tapestry Wool - skeins

10 mixed skeins for £1 occaisionally we have spare skeins we can pu on special offer. These are put together in mixed bags


We also sell blackwork, crewel embroidery, cross-stitch, embroidery, goldwork, needlepoint, and samplers.

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